Bahco Woodland Loppers

A high-quality pair of loppers by Bahco.
The hardened steel cutting edge is designed to cut through green or dead wood with ease.
Blades: Blue steel.
Type: Bypass
Length: 60cm
Cutting Capacity: 40mm


The cutting blade of this lopper slides past a counter blade in a scissor action hence the name bypass. The pivot bolt of the Bahco lopper is offset from the natural centre line of the tool. This unique design feature creates a slicing motion during cutting, which greatly assists the pruning of live wood and spreads the cut over a larger area of the blade for increased life.
The hook shape of the Bahco lopper counter blade enables a large cutting diameter and holds the branch steady during cutting. The sap groove is a recess that reduces the area of contact between blade and counter blade and results in less friction and sticking.
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